Youth Empowerment - Life Foundations
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Youth Empowerment

What if HAPPINESS was the GOAL?

What if we supported our youth to trust and cultivate their innate intelligence and create a life path reflective of their truth and passions?

Empowerment Coaching for Teens

Are Teens too young for energy work, meditation, or awareness training?  This is the perfect time and here’s why…
Meditation is a basic life skill.


Meditation quiets our minds, restores our bodies, and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. In the sea of digital overstimulation, teens need stillness, space, and inner reflection in order to navigate today’s school/life demands. A regular practice of meditation can be easily incorporated, 10-15 minutes in the morning/night. A worthwhile investment t0 make the other 23.5 hours of the day flow smoother!

Teens are overwhelmed by pressure to perform in a culture of perfectionism.


With so many external forces influencing teens today, many find themselves overwhelmed with stress/anxiety, striving toward inauthentic goals, sleep deprived, or are using drugs/alcohol to fit in or manage stress. We need support systems and programs to help youth cultivate accountability to create their own happiness, find value in contribution and presence, and pursue a life of meaning, success defined on their terms.

Teens need support to find and follow their TRUTH


Teens, like many of us, have a hard time distinguishing negative or false thoughts from our own inner truth and voice.  We take on false beliefs or peer perceptions as ‘our truth’ versus trusting and developing our own inner compass. Awareness training helps teens connect to their true nature, build trust in themselves, and express and create their lives freely from the INSIDE out.

Recent Discoveries

Over the last 3 years, I have been deeply entrenched in bringing wellness centers to Marin County High Schools. During this experience, plus raising my own 2 children, one through an addiction and recovery, I have a unique perspective of the innate talents and tremendous needs of our teens today.
Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Teens crave unconditional love and acceptance from their peers and parents.

Given a chance to be heard, teens are tremendously articulate in expressing truth, in general and theirs personally.

Teens have keen radar for hypocrisy. They want ‘realness’ from adults and process and know when something is authentic or not.

Teens are overwhelmed by external pressures to perform. They are torn between pursuing current definitions of success vs. paving their own way and discovering their own success and happiness.

Stress and pressure is #1 cause of anxiety and mental illness, popularly being managed by abuse of prescription medication, alcohol, and drugs.

Teens need more outdoor, nature experiences, face-to-face human connection, and general unscheduled time.

Overuse of screens, digital devices, and social media are contributing to skewed sense of identity and the world.

Teens crave leadership responsibilities, sports teams, and real jobs to develop healthy self-esteem, contribution, and confidence.

Teens need multiple spheres of influence, outside school, to develop relationships and their identity in a variety of groups and circles.

Teens need opportunities to earn their own possessions, generating greater appreciation, work ethic, and appreciation for money.

Teens need empowerment to create a life roadmap based on personal definitions of happiness and success, take greater ownership for daily choices/priorities.

Teens crave mentorship and support outside their family system, a safe place to share and discover their own truth.

Youth Empowerment Program

First Session – 90 minute in person intake session, discover key challenges and focus areas.

Bi-weekly 60-minute one-on-one sessions via teleconference.

Text Support – unlimited text support between sessions to address questions, issues that arise, or simple requests for support.

Sessions include, customized teachings, guided meditations, specific practice exercises, and more.

Team Empowerment Modules, customized teaching in each of the program modules. Work on key topics, practice meditation and mindfulness techniques, learn tools to manage stress, experience more self-confidence. Create personal Life Balance Formula®, identifies goals, tactics/activities to attain goals, along w/ time management tools.

HOMEPLAY assignments to help you practice what you learn during the sessions and integrate learnings into your daily life.

Session Recap Notes containing learnings, lessons, and next steps.

Session Recordings to re-listen to sessions for an integrated, deeper learning.

Youth Empowerment Program

Living from the INSIDE out

Youth Empowerment Modules

Module 1: Meditation

Meditation – 3 C’s Centered, Clear, and Connected, learn grounding, stillness, and basic meditation practices. Stress reduction techniques to support sleep, homework processing, and self-care. Basis to build a daily meditation and awareness practice.

Module 2: Awareness

Being Present – BEING in the NOW. Understanding the power of being in the moment. Understand energy fields, their own and external energy. Develop discernment and responsibility for your own space. Learn about protection and vibration.

Beliefs – Surface personal values, clear limiting or false beliefs that block potential or erode self-esteem. Explore non-working thought patterns and beliefs negatively contributing to current experiences.

Integrity and Ethics – Learn responsibility, accountability for your actions and thoughts. Understand how to stay in ethics with yourself, your responsibilities and relationships.

Inner Guidance – Knowingness of ego-based voices and your own innate intelligence and truth. Cultivating truth in your own gut instincts and intuition.

Protection – Understanding internal vs. external energy. Owning what’s theirs vs. what is the responsibility of other people. Learn how to manage external energies coming at you, how to hold your truth in the world, knowing and choosing the people and situations you want to surround yourself with.

Module 3: Relationships

Communication – Tools to communicate your truth, align relationships and agreements with your truth and ability to navigate peer/parent relationships successfully.

Self-Value in Relationship – establishing personal boundaries, confidence to ask for what you need, handling peer pressure, safe sexual health choices.

Module 4: Life Balance

Life Balance Formula– Using our proprietary Life Balance Formula®, we identify intentions/goals, a framework to schedule your week, and manage balance all areas of your life.

Vision & Intention – Identifying a vision and going beyond goal setting. Creating w/ intention, using mindfulness and energy tools to identify and create what you want in the world.

Gratitude – Learn the power of gratitude and how it influences everything in your life: attitude, relationships, what you attract into your life by the energy you put off.


Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation

We understand taking the first LEAP is sometimes that hardest part. That’s why we’ve made it easy and FREE!

Simply schedule your quick 30 minute call, we can discuss what change is calling you, answer all your questions, and generally get a feel for what working together will be like. By the end of the call, I’m confident you’ll walk away feeling lighter with more optimism and hope!

Qualifications to work with Teens and Young Adults

Background and Experience

Master Certified Spirit Coach®  – Attained certification to coach individuals and groups in meditation, energy healing, and spirit coaching.

Meditation Teacher  – Teach meditation to individuals, groups, in spiritual and business settings for over 8 years. Experienced supporting individuals and teams at whatever level of practice.

Ordained Minister – Trained for 9 years at the Foundation for Spiritual Development. I expanded my meditation practice, learned energy healing, and studied many modalities of spirituality. Also held roles as assistant teacher and intuitive healer.

Wellness Advisory Board Member – Part of the founding team to bring Wellness Centers to Marin County High Schools. Advocated for the development of funding, programming, and support for teens to secure on-campus services in mental health, drugs/alcohol education, and physical and sexual health services. Also involved in Mill Valley Aware, Be the Influence, and other community based organizations supporting teens.

Tam High PTSA Board Member – Serving my third year on the Tam High PTSA as VP of Student Services, supporting programs on campus elevating teen empowerment and access to services and support.

Soccer Coach – Coached and trained players for MV Soccer Club for 5 years, mentoring grade school and middle school students on and off the field. Used mindfulness techniques in Soccer training to develop cohesive teams highlighting sportsmanship, contribution, and respect. Double Goal Coach with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Mother – I’m a Mother and Parent who has successfully navigated divorce and co-parenting. I’ve coached and raised 2 children, one college age daughter who went through addiction and recovery, and is now Founder/CEO of Avery Lane for Women, a women’s mental health and addiction recovery center in Marin. I also have a high school age son who is successfully navigating life on his terms, centered in his passion to be a chef. He enjoys  life with friends at school and teammates on Marin FC and Tam High Soccer teams.

To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation


The VALUE is in the CHANGE. Raising the bar. Raising above the status quo. Agreeing to change, without know exactly what that is. The value is not in the ‘thing’ itself. The VALUE come as a result of showing up for CHANGE.
To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation