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Activate your Super Power and Catapult your Life and Business

New paradigms of ‘power’ are assembling as quickly as old paradigms or external understandings of power are dismantling.  A new call to stand in greater strength and truth with our internal power and use this source as a driving expression for our lives, versus old constructs in the outside world which have previously represented power.

Learn and experience your inner ‘superpower’ to activate new levels of success in life and business.

What you will take away:

  • Redefine ‘ ower’ and what it means to stand in your truth, expressing your full potential
  • Embody a new way of holding your power in all roles: leadership and relationships
  • Experience how this power upgrade can amplify your intentions and creations
  • Let go of past perceptions and beliefs opening doorway to more possibilities


When:           Saturday, March 23rd
Where:          EMpowerment Studio @thehivery
Day/Time:    Saturday, 3/23 ~ 9:30 – 4:00 pm
Investment:  $275

One Day Power Workshop

NOW is the time to step into your power and start creating your true calling in 2019!

Come BE a part of a truly interactive and experiential ONE-Day Workshop where we will clarify your vision for the year, learn how to create at the level of energy, and remove any obstacles between you and your BEST year yet!

Key Experiences:

  • Clarify your vision, intentions, and creations for 2019
  • Open and shift your perceptions of reality and what’s possible in your life
  • Learn how to manifest at the level of energy, co-creating with the universe
  • Learn how to quiet your mind to access deeper guidance and wisdom
  • Identify frequencies of your intentions/creations to be used throughout the year
  • Dissolve obstacles from the past, limiting belief, fear, and doubt
  • Learn critical manifesting, stillness, and grounding tools for ongoing practice

Enjoy a day dedicated to YOU…where you will expand your understanding of what’s possible in your life, experience the support of the entire group, and hold your individual and our collective intentions for the year.

Perfect for those who wish to:

  • Have luminous clarity and focus on what you wish to create in 2019 and beyond
  • Upgrade your operating system for how you create, work, have relationships, live your life
  • Give voice to your inner calling, ignite the fire in your belly
  • Develop discernment around what is in alignment and not in alignment
  • Move in a more grounded, non-reactive way during this time of dramatic transformation and change
  • Shift the way you see the world/universe, knowing more is possible
  • Renew your commitment to self-care so your creations invigorate vs. deplete your energy
  • Naturally attract people, resources, and synchronicities into your life

Save your Seat, Space is Limited!

The Positivity Salon – A Book Club for Spirituality

When beginning something new, most people, especially women tend to do things in groups. For this, we created The Positivity Salon.  The Positivity Salon is a program we bring into your home, with your group of friends, to experience a sacred learning environment to be our true selves and learn new awareness/energetic tools and practices to apply to everyday life. We bring some of the spirit coaching tools into this intimate group setting so the familiarity and sacredness you share with your friends can expand into deeper, more intimate connections.

Learning new spiritual and awareness tools with a trusted group of friends provides a safe space to experiment and practice together. We facilitate your group for a 2 hour session, introducing new concepts and tools, facilitate group exercises and lead a guided meditation. Each participant will receive handouts of the lesson, and follow up home-play assignments to practice the salon experience between meetings.

Who:              Close Circle of Friends
Where:          Private Home
Day/Time:     Mon-Thurs Evenings – 7-10pm
Schedule :

The Positivity Salon topics are determined by the group leader and participants and can include:

  • Basic and advanced meditation practices
  • Develop a daily spiritual practice to improve positivity and outlook
  • Transforming negative thought patterns and limiting belief
  • Guided meditations to open new layers of self-awareness, vibration and vitality
  • Divine Feminine – activating soft power, goddess consciousness
  • Opening the Sacred Heart – high spiritual heart expansion
  • Creating with Intention – art of co-creating a life of flow and ease
  • Life Balance Formula® – methodology to balance and focus on key life intention
The VALUE is in the CHANGE. Raising the bar. Raising above the status quo. Agreeing to change, without know exactly what that is. The value is not in the ‘thing’ itself. The VALUE come as a result of showing up for CHANGE.
To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation