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Spirit Coaching


The Great Awakening

We are living in a time of mass awakening represented by the pandemic, forces of nature, homeland imbalance, foreign threats, and a strong collective voice standing up for justice. These external events are symbolic of a consciousness shift, one that is calling us to live more connected to TRUTH, personally, as a species, and world.

Spirit Coaching® helps individuals make this shift – expanding our consciousness and connecting to our true nature that allows for more authentic and compassionate expression of our lives. 

What is Spirit Coaching®?

Spirit Coaching® is a non-dogmatic approach to awaken out of egoic consciousness and live more connected to your truth or spirit. In coaching sessions, you will receive support to understand whatever programming interferes with your happiness, in order to BE alive in your true nature, and live the life you were meant to live.

Spirit Coaching® helps you see life through the lens of your innate knowing and intuition, often a wider, more accurate perspective on yourself, relationships, experiences, and events in your life. This perspective aids in seeing and processing life from a place of awareness and compassion, instead of reaction and blame.

You will be introduced to new tools to cultivate a daily meditation or spiritual practice intended to connect you more to your true essence or spirit. The work helps you embody your natural state as you move through the world, interact with others, work on goals, and create your life aligned with your spirit.

Your divinity, spirit, limitlessness, and natural state of BEING is your birth right. Spirit Coaching® helps you embody and express your light more fully, align to new levels of creation, and experience life filled with more joy, compassion, and love.

“Imagine for a moment what it would be like to feel free to be your true self, creating your vision in the world and contributing to the greater good as a result.”

– Jenai Lane, Creator of the Spirit Coach® Method, Founder of Spirit Coach® Training

What is Spirit?

Your Spirit is your true nature, highest self, soul, innate wisdom, divine essence, and natural state of being. We most commonly experience spirit as our intuition, inner knowing, or ‘gut instinct.’ Living from our Spirit, or from the Inside Out is the opposite of operating from ego or your analytical mind.

Spirit Coaching® connects you to expanded realms of knowing, your divinity, and the limitless potential that already exists in you. The work simply reminds you, helps you claim it, and BE in a centered, connected state more often. In order to do this, we will address limitations of the ego/mind, remove limiting beliefs, programming, energetic/mental blocks, so you can sustain Living from Spirit as a new way of BEING.

Spirit Coaching® is appropriate for all faiths and is a non-dogmatic approach to awaken divinity in you and strengthen your relationship to your higher power, however you define it; Divine, God, Creator, Source Energy, Allah, Jesus, Blessed Mother, Buddha or other name that points your authentic connection.  Opening up to these frequencies, becoming more aware of them is an integral part of spirit coaching and incredibly helpful in leading a more awakened, spirit-led life.

“The first stage of the awakening journey is the calling. The calling arrives when we first feel that spiritual impulse that galvanizes our attention. All of a sudden we sense a greater mystery to life that we seek to experience more deeply; it literally calls us.”


Spirit Coaching® Program is:

6 Month Program, 2 Coaching Sessions/Month

Bi-weekly 60-minute one-on-one sessions via teleconference, most clients continue coaching for 18-24 months.

Sessions include, customized teachings, guided meditations, channeled messages, transmissions, specific practice exercises, and more.

The Spirit Coach® Manual with 13 modules of wisdom, tools, and powerful exercises to guide your transformation and discovery. Certified Spirit Coaching® Tools for Transformation.

HOMEPLAY assignments to help you practice what you learn during the sessions and integrate learnings into your daily life.

Session Recap Notes containing the energy, learnings, lessons, and next steps

Session Recordings to re-listen to sessions for an integrated, deeper experience

Spirit Coaching® Modules – Phase 1

Creating and Expanding Daily Spiritual Practice

Meditation Practices, Grounding and Connection Tools to access Stillness

Purpose & Vision – Identifying and expressing your true nature

Breaking Cycle of Negative Thought Patterns and Programming

Limiting Beliefs & Positive Affirmations

Vibration & Frequency – using energy to attract your reality

The Power of Intention, Creating with Intention

Power of Gratitude – the Fuel for all Creation

Spirit Coaching® Modules – Phase 2

BE vs. DO, Present Experience Living

Creator, Universe, Source Energy – deepening one’s connection to Source

Co-Creation – universal life flow supporting your life

Beyond the Ego - Connecting and holding limitlessness

An Awakened State - connection and expansion

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Balance

Forgiveness & Acceptance - Release the past, embrace the present, surrender the future

Self-Love and Compassion - a basis for ALL relationships

Click here to download the Coaching FAQs


The FIRST step can be the BIGGEST leap


    A risk free, 30-minute to investigate approach, timing, and pace


    Best way to quickly ramp knowledge of current situation and goals for work


    First session is 90 minutes, then 60 minutes after this, twice/month


    You will receive HOMEPLAY and session notes and recordings to practice new tools and perspective


    By shifting our thoughts and actions, our life changes.

Spirit Coaching is Perfect To:

Build a Life more reflective of your True Self, BE more of YOU in the World

Transform old belief, behaviors, habits and create a new more aligned life

Make a change, live more authentically to the truth of who you are

Answer the calling to have a deeper spiritual life, establish a spiritual or meditation practice, and looking for a safe space to explore this experience

Access your innate intelligence, your true essence on-demand to influence your life decisions and trajectory

Experience JOY and LOVE more often in your Life

Remove the experience of feeling stuck, effected by outside expectations, overwhelmed and fragmented

Attract and manifest a new vision or business

Improve your relationships in all areas of your life

Put your self first and invest in your new business, your happiness and your future.

Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation

We understand taking the first LEAP is sometimes that hardest part. That’s why we’ve made it easy and FREE!

Simply schedule your quick 30 minute call, we can discuss what change is calling you, answer all your questions, and generally get a feel for what working together will be like. By the end of the call, I’m confident you’ll walk away feeling lighter with more optimism and hope!


“We are ALL infinite BEINGS having a human journey, with unique gifts, talents, stories to share and light to shine.”

Life Foundations, 2018

To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation