Spirit Coaching: Christine Felley - Life Foundations
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Spirit Coaching: Christine Felley

About Christine

Christine is a creative visionary artist originally from France. She is a powerful healer with a dream of building an orphanage for children someplace on the planet. With all her knowing and talent, Christine knew she wanted to feel more confident in her path, more grounded and balanced after a recent relationship transition, and experience a stronger connection with her authentic, true self.

Our work together involved learning grounding practices where she could experience the feeling of complete safety and acceptance being completely in her body.  We used visual meditations and tools that helped her experience her true essence and establish more connection to her internal truth.  This ‘new’ knowing helped shape her understanding of who she really was, not just a body, but as spirit and helped informed clear pathways regarding life choices, her next partner and timing to pursue travels and her dream.

Today, Christine is traveling in South America bringing her light and healing gifts to local villages and is searching for a place to build her orphanage.

Overview of Work

Spirit Coaching, Meditation Training, and Mentoring