Healings/Readings - Life Foundations
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Staying in flow with life is not always a smooth journey, sometimes we hit bumps or feel stuck in old patterns.  A healing and reading session can be a transformative experience to reconnect to your truth, regain perspective, and experience compassion for yourself and others.

Elevate yourself into Spirit!

A 60 minute reading or healing session is different then most therapy sessions, as we will look at your situation from spirit or energy vs. the mind or ego. We will not analyze or rationalize what you are experiencing but work to ‘see’ it from spirit, which often delivers more insightful, compassionate understanding and healing to the situation.

Typical Session

  • Discuss Situation
  • New Tools, Insights and Perspectives
  • Guided Meditation
  • Healing toward specific situation and/or your physical, emotional and energetic space
  • Session Recap Notes and Recording
  • Recommendations for Change

To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation


The VALUE is in the CHANGE. Raising the bar. Raising above the status quo. Agreeing to change, without know exactly what that is. The value is not in the ‘thing’ itself. The VALUE come as a result of showing up for CHANGE.
To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation