Awake Leadership - Life Foundations
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Awake Leadership

Life – Spirit – Business Coach ALL in ONE!

What if you could gain access to a sustainable, proven method of coaching that has been transforming leaders on their paths of awakening for over a decade?

Whether you are a manager in corporate America or CEO of your own business, the energy you hold has a direct influence on your team, the environment, and the overall success of your organization. Awake Leadership is embodied leadership and can have a tremendous effect on your ability to be present and have the capacity to handle these dynamic times. 

“You can’t give on an empty tank!”

Being the best leader, manager or CEO, man or woman, requires both mental and energetic capacity to be present and operate grounded and ‘in the moment’ for every person and situation you encounter. How is this done?

You invest in new kinds of tools and support! Programs to build your awareness, enhance your energetic toolkit to handle dynamic multi-layers of responsibility and personalities. Based on the speed of life overall, we are most successful when we are grounded and clear, know and speak our truth, set a positive tone for the people around us. When we do, we create a high-vibe environment where we and our teams can achieve optimal results all around.

“Developing Leaders from the INSIDE out!”

Your Leadership Mentoring Program begins with a 2-hour vision session where we clarify your work vision, reveal blocks, and discuss issues causing stress that keep you from optimal clarity and confidence. These could include: challenges with your boss, dealing with a fragmented team, navigating office politics, speaking your truth, or presenting your best self at work.  Typically, clients see changes right away, as shifts in your energy and perspective will have a dramatic effect on creating the outcomes you desire.

From the 1st vision session, we clarify your key intentions for the work experience you wish to create, then ongoing teleconference sessions 2x/month. On each call, we discuss current events/situations, go over leadership mentoring modules, do a guided meditation, and end with specific tools to shift non-working energy and thought patterns. Every call includes a recorded mp3 file for replay convenience, a recap email with new tools to apply, and homeplay exercises to integrate learning on the job.

The initial commitment to the program is 6 months, yet most executives extend coaching to 12-24 months.

Coaching that empowers your BEST Self, on the Job and in Life!


Daily meditation practices with energetic tools that build inner awareness and ability to BE your true self in the world

Identification of personal ‘filling stations’ to help with balance and stress reduction

Tools to operate more grounded at work, centered in your innate intelligence

Identify and clearly communicate your voice or authentic point of view

Greater confidence and effectiveness as a leader, mentor, and manager

New energetic tools to use in the workplace:

  1. Ways to create with intention for yourself and team
  2. Effective tools to strengthen neutrality and observation vs. reaction
  3. Communication strategies and solutions to deal with difficult people
  4. Methods to transform non-working patterns at work
  5. Tactics to set the tone in your workplace environment
  6. Effective tools to unify your team, get everyone on the same page


The FIRST step can be the BIGGEST leap


    A risk free, 30-minute to investigate approach, timing, and pace


    Best way to quickly ramp knowledge of current situation and goals for work


    First session is 90 minutes, then 60 minutes after this, twice/month


    You will receive HOMEPLAY and session notes and recordings to practice new tools and perspective


    By shifting our thoughts and actions, our life changes.


Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation

We understand taking the first LEAP is sometimes that hardest part. That’s why we’ve made it easy and FREE!

Simply schedule your quick 30 minute call, we can discuss what change is calling you, answer all your questions, and generally get a feel for what working together will be like. By the end of the call, I’m confident you’ll walk away feeling lighter with more optimism and hope!


The VALUE is in the CHANGE. Raising the bar. Raising above the status quo. Agreeing to change, without know exactly what that is. The value is not in the ‘thing’ itself. The VALUE come as a result of showing up for CHANGE.
To learn more, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation