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“Sometimes in order to reach the greatest light, we must walk through the darkest tunnel.”

Background and Bio

Christine Hildebrand has more than 20 years of experience in strategic branding and marketing, PR, and business and organizational development working on both the client and agency sides. She’s held top marketing and business development roles for Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies, and start-ups. In 2009, Christine founded emergent, a business development company supporting business leaders align vision, teams, and communication to deliver powerful campaigns that fuel growth for clients in retail, technology, healthcare, consumer products, hospitality, media and more.

Her holistic, people-centric approach helps clients clarify their core essence and ‘reason for being’ as the foundation for their brand and operation. She bridges both the business and spiritual worlds, framing energetic and spiritual principles in ways people can integrate and businesses can harness for growth. This awareness has helped hundreds of clients see beyond their own limitations to the real potential of a thriving operation, more revenue and delighted customers.

Christine is Founder of Life Foundations, an education company empowering humanity to live their divine potential. Providing tools and inspiration that include SPIRIT COACH METHODOLOGY®, ALIGN to YOU™ and Life Balance Formula™, clients are able to achieve MORE with ease, realize goals and growth, while living and operating from the INSIDE out.  Started in 2010, Life Foundations delivers tools and coaching to individuals and corporate clients through personal and business development programs, one-on-one mentoring, team building workshops, webinars, and more.

Christine is a Master Certified Spirit Coach®, Meditation Teacher, Graduate at The Foundation for Spiritual Development, Ordained Minister, Zen Buddhism practitioner, and draws guidance from daily spiritual meditation practice, training with various enlightened teachers, and practice with various forms of physical and energetic healing arts.

My Journey: Awakening in the Driveway

Ever since I could remember, I could see energy. My earliest memories were as a baby, not quite walking yet. My Dad would come through the door after work and I could see his aura, his spirit. I could read what kind of day he had, his energetic field, how he processed his day, who he came in contact with that either elevated him or challenged him. I thought everyone did this until I started sharing the information I received. My insights were not always easily communicated, yet I remember my emotions usually were in direct connection to energy in the room. When I was able to articulate more clearly, I experienced mostly unwelcome reception and didn’t bring me closer to those I loved, which was most important as a child.

I’ve always known my connection to spirit and throughout my childhood would regularly get visits from deceased family members. I didn’t always understand this ability and didn’t have people around me that could help me understand it. During adolescence, I turned it off as this ability made me too different and was inconvenient in my busy family with parents raising four children. As I moved through early adult years and into college, I was very ego-driven, working to attain things, status, and career positions that got attention and in turn love and recognition from the outside. These aspirations didn’t necessarily deliver internal fulfillment and this approach didn’t leave much room for a spiritual life. And then, everything changed.

In 2002, I had a spiritual awakening on my driveway. On my knees from stress and sleep deprivation, caring for an infant son and 9-year-old daughter, running a marketing business, juggling household responsibilities, and designing and building our dream home, I found myself depressed and totally disconnected from myself and my life. I was working toward everything I wanted, but at this moment, the weight of it all came crashing down. Everything I believed in and thought I could count in life for strength and support shattered, including my relationship and marriage.

From the outside, I had it all: a beautiful family, kids, husband, home and career, yet when I hit this major depletion, I had no inner foundation to stand on. I was caring for everything and everyone around me yet was missing a fundamental connection to my own truth. My life was out of my hands and I knew I had to find the courage and strength to find my way back to myself.

Typical coping options like therapy, medication, or managing via chardonnay, didn’t suit me. I knew it was time to answer the call I was hearing for years, re-connect to my spirit and re-anchor my life on the inside to my own truth and really get honest with myself. I didn’t know where to start or who to turn to until I found Pine Street Clinic, an alternative healing center in Marin County where I worked with an Angel, named Annapurna Broffman. Through Chinese medicine and acupuncture and a ton of sitting still in my discomfort, Annapurna helped me not only find myself again but discover a new, authentic place to re-connect to my true nature. This is where I began my spiritual journey of finding answers on the inside, coming to grips with more truth and learning to love myself again.

My spiritual journey hasn’t always been easy, made me popular in social circles, or been understood by my family and friends.  I was shedding old identity, and adopting a more true identity of who I really am. With time as perspective, I now understand this awakening set a critical stage to manage through a divorce, sell the dream home, see my daughter through an addiction, and effectively co-parent 2 amazing kids. Today, my children are thriving are on their own path, walking in their truth with hope, promise, divinity, and a strong belief in LOVE.

As Founder of Life Foundations, this journey is my inspiration to help people embrace their divine true nature and live from the inside out. I’ve learned that everything is better by going inside for answers and using this inner wisdom as a platform to express your life or lead a company. In addition to 20 years in strategic business and brand development, I have trained with numerous enlightened teachers and draw upon my guidance as Master Certified Spirit Coach®, meditation teacher, ordained minister, Zen Buddhism practitioner, and 9 years of training at The Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, California

For organizations, I’ve developed an energetic business development model utilizing both traditional and energetic tools to optimize growth and performance. For individuals, life foundations apply Spirit Coach Methodology® with proprietary programs like ALIGN to YOU™ and Life Balance Formula™ to bring customized and unique programs to fit individual goals, pacing, and experience level.

My wish is that my journey inspires individuals, teams and organizations to live in reverence to our highest divine nature, freely expressing our gifts and authentic voice, while honoring each other and the planet. If we align with this truth, universal law says what we can accomplish is limitless. I am blessed and grateful to be serving humans and business in this way.

Oprah and John of God

In March 2012, I traveled to Abandiana, Brazil to Casa de Dom Ignacio to visit John of God, also known as Medium Joao, or by his birth name, Joao Teixeira de Faria. John of God is a medical medium providing spiritual and physical healing miracles to thousands of people who travel from around the globe to Brazil for a chance to be healed.  My teachers, who have been coming here for years were my guides. Yet, this year was not a typical experience, Oprah was there!  She had just laid off hundreds of people from her OWN network and was clearly there for personal reasons, having her own experience.  Her team, however, was busy capturing footage documenting the work of this amazing healer in action.

It was fascinating to share this healing retreat with Oprah, attentive to my own journey, yet amazed that my fortune of spending time with one of my biggest mentors.  On Day 3, Oprah interviewed John of God on the Casa grounds, which I witnessed only a few feet away.  When the interview concluded, I was stood next to Oprah and John of God as they thanked each other for their respective work in the world.  Suddenly a HUGE bolt of lighting came through us and we were all surrounded by this incredible white light. It was no accident that I was standing next to Oprah and John of God. This shifted a huge belief in me, the bolt, the light shifted a new reality in me.  It was a miracle alone that I was standing there with them, at that longitude and latitude line on the planet, at the EXACT same time. This reality awakened something in me and that reality or belief is: I too must be here on the planet to help people and bring forth my version of serving others. Since then, I’ve been living my purpose more, to help people and business see and capture their divine potential.

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