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Being and Living your Truth and Calling

Being and Living your Truth and Calling

What did you COME here to DO?

What is your deep calling?….are you listening?

Do you know…yet are avoiding/questioning it?

What is a Calling?

A calling is a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially powerful when accompanied by divine guidance and the conviction of our inner knowing and truth. – Christine Hildebrand, Life Foundations

Everyone has a calling. Whether it’s a vocation, an expression of our talents, a dream, passion, or something that brings us tremendous joy, lights us up or ignites our heart. Whatever our calling, it can be a loud thunderous voice or a quiet patient whisper. Some of us know early in life, and some of us evolve into it later over time. There is no one right way, only to honor, listen, and act on whatever your inner voice or intuition speaks to you.

Your calling usually doesn’t show up as a choir of angels or stop you dead in your tracks, yet this can happen. More likely, a calling is a small, persistent and resilient voice always in the background that repeatedly tries to get your attention. It shows up in the shower, while alone in nature, in dream states, or during a sudden or major life transition. It appears when the monkey mind softens enough for us to hear the quiet whispers of our soul when we are still and allow our inner voice and wisdom to come through.

For many, our calling might not be clear, yet when it shows up, there’s an undeniable gut instinct, an inner resonance of truth. Even with this pure knowing, it’s not always convenient or well-timed, especially as we evaluate how a change could impact our lives, relationships, jobs, or even challenge current beliefs of what’s possible. When these mind starts to analyze our calling, we can be tempted to stay with the status quo.

However big or small our calling, the important thing is that we listen, trust, and build the important muscle of our inner voice and innate wisdom.

To step into our calling, we need support! Small steps toward your calling is a message to the universe to send in support crews evident by unusual synchronicities or miracles like intersections with people or situations showing up in your path that validate moving in the direction of your calling. All these ‘mini-miracles’ can help dissolve fear and reassure us we are headed in the right direction.

8 Practices to help you step into your calling:

1) Listen, Sit in Meditation/Stillness Daily

Meditation helps us commune with our inner guidance and access unconditional love and support. Whatever your practice, meditation builds awareness, connection to your inner voice, and time for restoration, self-love, vitality, and connection.

Try this: Create a morning stillness/meditation ritual. Wake up 20-30 minutes before your alarm. Sit in a quiet space, noticing the sounds, light, and slowly wake all parts of your body. Ground to the center of the earth and fill up on earth’s vital life force. See a white column of light coming from the brightest star you can see in the universe. Feel this beautiful source light as a channel of white light washing over you, clearing your mind and body. Sit in this light, grounded to the earth and feel it filling your space. Send this light forward on your path and have a blessed day.

2) Take your EGO out of the driver’s seat

Our egos are not our true nature. Our egoic identities are outside attachments that are not reflective of who we are on the inside. Ego is typically found in our personalities, preferences, roles, job titles, addresses, labels, or names. Shedding these egoic identities are important, as they are often co-mingled with limiting thought and can keep us from our pursuing our dreams or living our highest, most authentic life.

Try this: Sit in a quiet space, preferably in nature where you can be alone and still. Ask yourself these questions: What’s my calling, what am I here on earth to do? What makes me truly happy? What have I not been listening to that I need to hear now? Journal your answers directly without your mind auditing what you write. Take space, then come back and read your journal entry. What is the theme or story here? Take action on the guidance and wisdom you get.

3) Prioritize Self Care

We sometimes view self-care as indulgent and expendable when actually it’s the opposite. Self-care is essential to living and being our best selves, not only for us but also for others. Self-care balances our bodies/minds, reduces stress, and enhances our ability to stay grounded and connected. Some effective self-care filling stations could be exercise, massage, meditation, a walk in nature, talk with a friend, or a simple morning cup of coffee/tea ritual. Whatever it IS, find and take time for self-care.

Try this: Make a list of what restores your energy, revitalizes your spirit and empowers your mind and body. These are your tank fillers. Once you create your list, do at least ONE self-care or energy giving activity each day.

4) Define Success on your Terms

There are really strong cultural programs and beliefs around what constitutes success. We evaluate things as good or bad, desirable or undesirable, instead of whether a pursuit is in alignment with your true nature and calling. Our definitions and drive for success frequently cause undue stress and anxiety.

Try this: Make a list of what constitutes success for you personally. What are your measures of success? Use these instead of what is programmed by our society at large as accomplishing and focusing on these will lead to greater inner peace and fulfillment. Share these metrics with your partners, family/friends and request their support your efforts to achieve these measures.

5) Be Willing to BE Different

As humans, we all crave love and acceptance. Our minds can sometimes trick us into believing that by following our calling we risk this love and acceptance. Yet, the world needs more of us who are brave and courageous, who listen and act on their truth and calling regardless of how they are seen or what people may think. A decision to follow our calling is your permission slip to BE different and to radiate your genius.

Try this: Find a trusted friend or family member, one who knows and supports your true nature and spirit. Tell them about your vision/calling and how you want to bring this into fruition. Ask for their support, being specific about what you need from them. The practice of sharing your calling/intention creates a resonance that inspires the universe to take action in support. Practice saying your calling, vision, and dream out loud, your friend may have the connections or ideas that begin bringing your calling or idea into reality.

6) Set Intentions

Once you identify a calling, create an intention statement around your calling. Intentions are statements of vision/creations and like a mantra carry a frequency or energy that evokes the universe to support you. Your intentions carry a being state that once you can align with in order to embody what you wish to create and therefore act as a magnet to your calling, creation, and intention in the world.

Try this: Write your calling in your journal as an intention statement. My intention is to BE…, My intention is to create… Write each of these statements in the simplest form for example. My intention is to BE LIGHT so others can see and express their own. This is mine. Continue writing your intention statement until you feel the energy of the statement. Write your intention in your journal and on post-its you have all over your house, office, bathroom mirror, car, etc. This will help remind you of your intention and work to align your personal vibration/frequency with the energy of your calling/intention.

7) Community – Establish a tribe of supporters, circles of positive influence

Connection fuels our growth; it’s been biologically proven. If you are working on a calling or generally choosing to live from spirit, a circle or community of support is really helpful. Seek connections that elevate and expand your vision, confidence, and belief. Sometimes the best tribe members are those who are already following their calling, someone in your field of pursuit, or a mentor who is simply farther down their path.

Try this: Research spiritual communities, networking groups, or creative outlet collaborations that can support your growth path and provide resources to follow and achieve your calling. Generally, groups and individuals that motivate you, light you up, and keep you inspired.

8) Write/Journal

Writing is your opportunity to have an honest dialogue with your higher self. Writing your visions has the power to manifest them into reality as writing helps us embody our vision. As you start, it might feel awkward. Yet once you get going, it can turn into a stream of consciousness, where you are listening and writing what you hear from guidance or your innate knowing. A friend of mine once wrote in her journal to create a women’s co-working space, a community of women who support each other to grow their calling, and then she created The Hivery. Writing can reveal the shape of your vision, how to bring it forth, remove your resistances, and clear the pathway for your visions to manifest.

Try this: Get a journal, write daily about your vision, how you see it, what it looks like, what it feels like. Ask yourself while in a quiet space: ‘If time and money were not a concern, what would I do?’ ‘How do I ultimately want to serve?’ ‘What makes my heart sing?’ ‘Who/What would I do if I didn’t have to be a mom, wife, husband, dad, manager/leader, etc.?’

Meditation to Tap into the Frequency of your Calling

Try this:

  • Close your eyes, find a comfortable position, release tension in the body.
  • Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 4, and exhale for 6 seconds.
  • Repeat 6-4-6 breathing for 5-10 cycles.
  • Picture of a grove of redwood trees, find one, rest your spine against the trunk, feel it’s root system grounded into the earth. Feel its strength simultaneously pulling energy from the earth and sun together. Feel this energy source coming from below and above together mixing into your space, fueling your connection and life force.
  • Repeat 6-4-6 breathing for 5-10 cycles.
  • See a bright gold ball of light in your 6th chakra, vision center or 3rd eye. See it expand throughout your head, beyond your physical space, beyond the room.
  • Sit in this space, absorbing the gold/white light, quieting the mind, opening to your visions and guidance.

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