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“Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” Gandhi

What did Gandhi mean by this?

Did he mean, “treat others how you wish to be treated?, or “for the world to reflect what you want, you have to BE it first?” However you wish to define this in your life, I had a revelation on this concept that was quite powerful for me.

As many of you know, I’ve been on a spiritual path for quite some time, spending most of my free time away from work and raising kids to pursue deeper life answers about my own purpose, defining my service, and how to make the most of life.

What I noticed is something powerful and I think this is what Gandhi was REALLY pointing to. When I’m happy, others around me are happy. When I’m radiating love, others around me give me a ton of love. When you give yourself the permission to BE the CHANGE, it goes viral, others pick up on the vibe. We become magnates to what we RADIATE.

What I realized is the power of my own work, my spiritual growth and awareness has an amazing impact on everyone around me — strangers, neighbors, family, friends, my partner, and my children. I didn’t realize by healing myself, it’s actually a service of healing in the world and paved the way for others to have their own version of healing and growth as well.

So, what if we ALL DO what Ghandi says! Let’s have everyone RADIATE or BE what your want to see, have or experience in the world? Really, if we want it, why not JUST create it!

• If you want LOVE, Love YOURSELF! and BE Love!
• If you want to BE Happy, then try HOLDING HAPPINESS as a state of mind
• If you crave JOY, try BEING JOY
• If you need more patience with yourself, Then radiate PATIENCE in the World
• If you want to shift a negative environment, BE LIGHT in the Room

Here are some Practice Tools

• Start each morning connecting into your intention for the day. Sit with the concept and notice it’s frequency. Tap into this energy. If you want to experience EASE, tap into that frequency and radiate it out to your schedule, meetings, your car and traffic pattern, the people you will meet, EVERYTHING
• By radiating it out ahead of you, you are already working on an energetic level to align your day to your intention.
• Then HOLD this frequency as a way of BEING for the day. Move through the world like this, say it over to yourself as a Mantra. My life is filled with EASE, people are around me offering support, and all that I wish to create is here and coming.

By working on healing and BEING the highest version of yourself, it’s not selfish or time wasting, but a HUGE healing to the PEOPLE and the WORLD around you!

Let me know what you notice!

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