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The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude


Leading spiritual teachers rave about the power of gratitude, the importance of expressing it, and keeping a gratitude journal. It’s no joke that gratitude has the power to transform your life, yet before it can work, it’s important to experience and define what gratitude means to you. In theory, being grateful and connecting to gratitude seems logical, most of us are already grateful, yet in reality, BEING grateful can sometimes feel tedious, awkward, and elusive in it’s true meaning.

The following toolkit helps breakdown gratitude, provides inspiration you to create your own meaning and outlines a practice to connect you to the power of gratitude.



What is Gratitude?

Webster’s defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The Latin word gratus, means “pleasing” or “thankful,” Gratitude is being pleasing or being thankful….a feeling of thankfulness.

Gratitude…its experience and expression are unique to each of us. In order to tap into the power of Gratitude, we must first define and experience it in personal, authentic and meaningful ways.


A Feeling of Thankfulness: Understanding the Energy of Gratitude

Often, we think of gratitude as a behavior or act. It is, and so much more. It’s not the action of being grateful that deserves our focus, but the energetic frequency that is present when we ARE grateful.


Expressing Gratitude

Each of us expresses gratitude uniquely, and it’s important to find an authentic expression for you and simply ‘do it!’ From a verbal acknowledgement, a kind gesture, keeping a gratitude journal, expressions or actions of gratitude are limitless. We can all agree that gratitude gestures feel good, are powerful messages of love and healing, expand our hearts, and have the power to stop time. With all this goodness, let’s find our authentic way to express our gratitude more often and ‘see’ what happens.

Practice: Think about ways to express gratitude to family, friends, strangers, co-workers and yourself.  A gesture of kindness, saying ‘thank you’, or simple acknowledgement makes a huge difference.

Experiencing Gratitude

The experience of GRATITUDE arises when a gratitude action is expressed. Next time you deliver or engage in an act of gratitude, pay attention to the energy that is present. Notice the energy that is present next time to express appreciation for someone you love, recognize a bank teller or store checker for their help, acknowledge a child for a job well done, or allow ourselves to recognize all the gifts you received from life by writing about them in a journal.

In every Gratitude expression there is an energetic experience, a frequency or vibration that attracts abundance, light, and limitless possibilities to your life, situation, creations, and relationships. It is the frequency of unconditional love and acceptance, compassion for everything and everyone.


The power of Gratitude is in the BEING STATE of GRATITUDE or the energy, frequency and vibration that is present when you express and hold gratitude.


Walking and moving through the world holding a state of gratitude is possible. It is a practice, an outlook, and way of being. Holding the frequency of gratitude can have enormous effect on attracting magnificence into your life, healing others, and creating an experience of peace and calm in your body, heart, and mind.


Tapping into the Frequency of Gratitude

Practice: A Gratitude Journal

Ask yourself the following questions, listen for the answers and then write them in your Gratitude Journal every night BEFORE bedtime. Tapping into this frequency before bed is a beautiful way to fall asleep, removing debris/worry from your day, setting the stage for a restful sleep.


Gratitude Journal Questions

  • What happen today that I’m most grateful for?
  • Name 3 things that I’m proud of myself for that I did or said today?
  • What is present NOW in my life that I am grateful for?


Gratitude Journal Practice:

  • Close your eyes, find a comfortable position
  • Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 4, exhale for 6 seconds
  • Repeat 6-4-6 breathing for 5-10 cycles
  • Get your Journal, say out loud or to yourself one of the questions above
  • Listen for the answers to come up, write down what you get
  • Write in prose, this is not a neat list, but an artistic expression of gratitude
  • Ask another question and write until you feel/experience the energy of gratitude filling your space, your room, your mind, heart and body.
  • Allow this energy to grow, filling your bed, dreamtime space, room, house, neighborhood, next day, next week, next year, etc.
  • Expand and allow the frequency of gratitude to fill you, add it to your creations, job, relationships, parenting energy, work life, etc.
  • Tap into this frequency during the day as you forget about it, or it drops
  • Tap into it before a big meeting, tough conversation, driving, etc.
  • Repeat NIGHTLY, DAILY and notice how the frequency of gratitude adds ease, light, levity, and abundance to your life.


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