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Awakening in the Driveway

Awakening in the Driveway

Ever since I could remember, I could see energy. My earliest memories as a baby was reading my Dad, seeing what kind of day he had, what state of mind he was right when he walk through the door. I’ve always known my connection to spirit and throughout my childhood would regularly get visits from deceased family members. I didn’t always understand this ability and during adolescence, I turned it off. In my early adult years, I was mostly driven by ego, and didn’t leave much room for my spiritual connection. Until everything changed.

In 2002, I had a spiritual awakening in my driveway. On my knees from stress and sleep deprivation, caring for an infant son and 9 year old daughter, running a marketing business, juggling household responsibilities, and designing and building our dream home, I found myself depressed and totally disconnected from myself and my life. I was working toward everything I wanted, but in this moment, the weight of it all came crashing down. Everything I believed in and thought I could count in life for strength and support shattered, including my relationship and marriage.

From the outside, I had it all: beautiful family, kids, husband, home and career, yet when I hit this major depletion, I had no inner foundation to stand on. I was caring for everything and everyone around me yet was missing a fundamental connection to my own truth. My life was out of my hands and I knew I had to find the courage and strength to find my way back to myself.

Typical coping options like prescription medication, seeing a shrink, or managing via chardonnay, just didn’t fit me. I found Pine Street Clinic, an alternative healing center where I worked with a Saint named Annapurna Broffman. Through Chinese medicine and acupuncture and a ton of sitting still in my discomfort, Annapurna helped me not only find myself again, but discover a new, authentic place to build my life from. This is where I began my spiritual journey of finding answers on the inside, to begin living and expressing my truth, and learning to love myself again.

My spiritual journey hasn’t always been easy, made me popular in social circles, or understood in my immediate family.  With time as perspective, I now understand this awakening set critical stage to manage through a divorce, sell the dream home, see my daughter through an addiction, and effectively co-parent 2 amazing kids. Today, my children are thriving are on their own path, walking in their truth with hope, promise, divinity, and a strong belief in LOVE.

As Founder of Life Foundations, this journey is my inspiration to help people embrace their true nature and live from the inside out. I’ve learned that everything is better by going inside for answers and using this inner wisdom as a platform to express your life or lead a company. In addition to 20 years in strategic business and brand development, I have trained with numerous enlightened teachers and draw upon my guidance as Certified Spirit Coach®, meditation teacher, ordained minister, Zen Buddhism practitioner, and 9 years of training at The Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, California

For organizations, I’ve developed an energetic business development model utilizing both traditional and energetic tools to optimize growth and performance. For individuals, life foundations applies Spirit Coach Methodology® with proprietary programs like ALIGN to YOU™ and Life Balance Formula™ to bring customized and unique programing to fit individual goals, pacing, and experience level.

My wish is that my journey inspires individuals, teams and organizations to live in reverence to our highest divine nature, freely expressing our gifts and authentic voice, while honoring each other and the planet. If we align with this truth, universal law says what we can accomplish is limitless. I am blessed and grateful to be serving humans and business in this way.

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